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This is the incredible true story of six “innocent” grape varieties that were deemed outlaws by the French government. Their grapes were falsely accused of being toxic when made into wine. Selling their wine was prohibited.


Their crime? They were grapes of resistance. Resistance to pests and diseases that, for more “noble” grapes, must be controlled with chemical sprays.


In spite of laws specifically banning these grapes from European soils and attempts to demean their wines, rebellious farmers have defended their value and defied their prohibition.


Resistant grape varieties may yet have the last word.


This film takes you inside stunning rural landscapes in France, Italy, Austria, Romania and the United States where the resistant vines are living history and their unique wines have a passionate following.

DVD VITIS PROHIBITA International Edition

  • FILM: French audio 91 min

    BONUS: online

    MENU & SUBTITLES: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian

    BOOKLET: English


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