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What happens inside a medico-educational institute?

It is in an attempt to answer this question that the Institut Médico-Éducatif La Pinède in Jacou in the south of France hosted a film crew in its establishment for a year.

This term "agglutinates" them in a category without distinction of their differences and their singularities. The film therefore sets out to bear witness to the necessary plurality of educational and therapeutic approaches in the face of complex psychic realities. This approach, which draws its inspiration from the current of thought of institutional psychotherapy, is in line with the resistance to the standardization of the methods of taking charge of the disabled.

The film gives voice to these children and adolescents, collects their perception of their "being there" so as not only to hear how "they are spoken" by others. It is also a question of showing how professionals, through the links they weave with children and adolescents, make an institution a place of life and encounters.

Thus the directors immersed themselves in the daily life of children and adolescents, they followed them in their various school and pre-professional learning activities, but also during workshops of expression, socialization and autonomy, internally and at outside the EMI.​


What do we do in the workshops? How does the pedagogy adapt to the needs of the child? How do we take care of everyone individually and collectively? How do we give voice to these young people? How is each person's uniqueness welcomed? How is becoming an adult envisaged? How do professionals, through the links they forge with users, make an institution a place of life and encounters?​


Behind the representations that everyone has of "disability" there are enigmas that appear in this moving film, through the questions asked about the reception and support of children. The specificity of this place is to guarantee, through its ethical and practical approach, the conditions for the institution to exercise its caring function, in the sense that each child, each young person has a place to take in society.​


The tools offered, as close as possible to their needs, support this subjective dynamic. We observe that the choices made by this medico-social institution are part of a particular orientation combining pedagogy and education, to accompany children, adolescents and young adults to be actors in their lives as free subjects.


The word is the common thread of the story, a word that links the singular and the collective, between the caregivers and the cared for.


This documentary will be of interest to those who wonder about education, about school, but also about care and about difference, creativity and living together.

DVD Comme des funambules - EXTENDED RIGHTS

  • FILM: French audio 110 min
    MENU & SUBTITLES: French, English
    LOOKBOOK: French, English


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