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Offer a DVD or an accessory of the film, we offer you the gift envelope.

- Identify the recipient of the gift on the pouch seal tag. Convenient to put under the tree!
- We can also add a note from you, printed on a small colored sheet.
- The filled gift pouch is shipped in a large bubble envelope.
- Do not hesitate to choose the number of pockets you want (ex: 2 pockets for 2 DVDs).

- You can choose a different delivery address from the billing at the payment stage.


Please note:
- When ordering a DVD alone (100 gr), the weight of the pouch tilts the shipping costs into the upper range (250 gr)

- Not suitable for the poster size (too small).
- Not recommended for the corkscrew alone (too large).

Gift bag (free)

SKU: P-01
  • - green Kraft pouch
    - 17 x 8 x 25 cm
    - sealing label with the name of the recipient. (printed) (optional)
    - color sheet 10 x 7.5 cm for a small personalized text. (printed) (optional)
    - filled pouch sent in a bubble envelope.

  • - Not suitable for posters (too small).

    - Not recommended for the corkscrew alone (too large).

    - For urgent Chronopost shipping, please contact us.


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