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NATURAL SOAP cold method
handmade "Sapone di Sala" Switzerland

Made entirely by hand and "cold", “SAPONI DI SALA” soap contains absolutely natural raw materials that are beneficial for the care and beauty of the skin.
First of all, the purest olive oil, which is the main component of soap, and the precious grapeseed oil.
Its unsaturated oleic acids help restore the skin's hydrolipidic mantle, making it silky smooth.
The other components are: clays and officinal herbs which determine its fragrance, color and characteristics.
We do not add synthetic dyes or preservatives.


Why do we make handmade soaps?

Because we believe that each birth is accompanied by a love story, and our story is that of love for nature, for the gifts she lavishes on us and for the desire to be in harmony with her.
This is why we have chosen to produce our soaps on the basis of our own craftsmanship.
We therefore manufacture them in small quantities, paying great attention to their success.
We respect the phases of the moon in their preparation.
We make wooden molds by hand in which we put the mixture to rest, solidify and ripen.
We then cut the soaps into their final shape and finally give them two more months to ripen well and keep their beautiful shape for as long as possible. With great care and joy, we pack and seal them so that they reach you, or the person to whom you wish to gift them, in their most beautiful form.

Friends of the skin

Our method of making soaps differs from the method of making soaps in industry (which uses both vegetable oils, such as palm oil, and animal fats): pure glycerin, which is naturally formed in during the saponification process, is removed for use in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and is only reintroduced into fine soaps. All of this makes soaps poorly emollient and requires users to replenish natural skin fat with lotions and creams.

“SAPONI DI SALA” soaps, thanks to the purest olive oil and glycerin, gently cleanse the skin and respect it while helping to restore its hydrolipidic mantle.
This is why we like to call them "friends of the skin".


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Handcrafted soap with isabela grape

SKU: G-05
€15.00 Regular Price
€9.00Sale Price
    • handmade natural soap
    • olive oil
    • grape seed oil
    • Isabelle skin pigment dried
    • venetian natural pigment
    • without added fragrance
  • dimension: 6 x 6 x 3 cm
    weight: 100 gr


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