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The film was shot in France, Italy, Austria, Romania and the United States.
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«This is a movie that starts from a very small corner of the Cevennes in France and takes us to the United States to learn with precision, detail and intelligence, what is a resistant grape and a hybrid or multi-species vine, but also what is an act of resistance, an act of responsibility, an act of freedom, an act of love for wine. Here is a film that made us laugh and moved us, and which, while telling us about the past and the present, is talking mostly about the future.»


Jury of the International Grape and Wine Festival Oenovideo

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In the press

Midi Libre

"full of teachings"

Marie-Eve Lacasse - Le Figaro

"Erudite, imagined as a journey through Europe and America, it will captivate even the most knowledgeable."

Philippe Douteau - Paysan du Midi

"The film could not be more topical"

Alain Chene - pourlecinema.com

"The director Stephan Balay intoxicates us with this little happiness served in resistance"

Jacques Dupont - Le Point
"Not to be missed for wine lovers"

"An interesting, precious and rare light on a history of European vineyards"

Véronique Sachetti - La dépêche

"His film articulated around authentic and sincere encounters, the rustic accents of the Cévennes and the landscapes are in perfect harmony with these resistant grape varieties."

Pascale Cassagnes - En Magnum

"Stéphan Balay walks his camera with an angle of view that questions the future of these hybrids and the role they could play in a viticulture without pesticides. A claim summarized in the last words of the documentary:" The time has come to release resistant grape varieties and the diversity of flavors. ”To be seen without moderation.”


"From the United States to Romania, via Italy and France, researchers, botanists and winegrowers tell the fascinating story of prohibited grape varieties which could well, in these times of climatic upheavals, come back to favor"

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